• Custom Mountain Bike builder

    Custom bike builder

    your dream starts now

    your dream starts now

    your bike. your spec.

  • First things frist. Select your frameset for your dream build. We offer frames from four industry leading brands: Transition, Kona, Rocky Mountain, and Giant. All of these frames include a pre-determined rear shock that is custom tuned to its frame. In addition, each rear shock will be custom tuned for the riders weight and skill level.
    Your component package can make or break your bike. In this custom bike builder, we have created specific build kits that are Northwest ready. Pick from one of our Northwest build kits to continue your custom build.

    Our build kits have everything needed for your build, with the exception of your wheelset (step 3) and frame (step 1) . Please review each kit to determine which one best suits your needs.
    A custom wheelset will be sure to turn some heads and finish your bike off with the perfect touch. Below you will find some pre-built options as well as the option for a custom hand built wheelset from Northwest. On our custom wheel build option you can select your rim, hub, and nipple color to match your new bike.