Northwest Bicycle Maple Valley - Opening Spring 2019

Exciting times are upon us here at Northwest Bicycle. We have ended our third season with a bang getting more people on bikes and having a record year in our service department. It was also our first year in the world of online where we successfully fulfilled thousands of orders. With all of this great momentum built up, we are excited to announce our expansion to our friends down south, Maple Valley! 

This project has been in the works for quite some time. I was born and raised in Maple Valley and have lived there for the past 27 years. I have personally seen the town go from being considered "the sticks" to one of the top communities in the state. It is amazing to see what the town has become and the amount of people that now call it home. 

I am excited to open my second store location in my own backyard. I see this as the perfect location for our business expansion and we will be working hard to give families and cyclists top tier bicycle products and services. This location will expand on our services offered and is sure to hit home with the local riders.

Thank you to all of our valued customers for supporting us through our first three seasons. We look forward to making our family just a little bit bigger!

Kevin Flynn, Owner


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