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Bicycle Tools

Having the right tool for the job is essential for any mechanic. Whether you are working on your bicycle at home or running a small repair shop, we have a full collection of bicycle tools to make your life easier. You will notice that we have many specialty bicycle tools for a variety of different jobs, and yes, they are all necessary for many mechanics.

Park Tool is leading the way in bicycle tool offerings. From screw drivers and picks to home repair stands, Park Tool has a solution for you at a great price. We get many questions regarding what to buy to start your home bicycle repair kit, the answer to which I will outline below.

The most critical starter tool for any home mechanic is going to be the repair stand. Not only will this make your life easier all around, it is essential to getting the bike off the ground and allowing you to manipulate the bike throughout your service. Our recommended starter stand is the Park Tool PCS-10.2 home economy stand. While this is not the cheapest stand on the market, it offers great stability with a superior clamp to many others on the market.

As for hand tools go, we offer a wide variety of individual tools and tool kits to get you going. The best advice we can give you is to start with a good set of T handles with allen heads. We use the Park PH-1 in our shop which will serve any mechanic well at home. Second, have a good set of screw drivers will go a long way in simple derailleur adjustments.

If you want to take your home bicycle tool kit to the next level, a torque wrench is one of the best investments you can make. While they are not cheap, they are a requirement if you are removing and installing major components. Almost every bicycle components torque rating is in nM so all of the torque wrenches that we offer will have this rating.

There are so many maintenance tasks needed on a bicycle, and you will start to see why your local bike shop has nearly 10K in tools per stand when you add them all up. If you have any questions regarding a specific component tool, please contact our team for help and we will help you narrow it down.

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