Specialized offers a full range of bikes, parts, and accessories to help enhance your ride. Just as they do with their bikes, no expense is spared in the development of their gear as they strive to make the best cycling equipment in the world. Their complete tire line offers exceptional performance as their new T9 tire compound is a knockout punch to competitors.

Bike fit is quite often a moving target for many riders, but through Specialized body geometry components they have perfected and simplified this experience for riders. From industry leading saddles to basic bar tape, Specialized ensures that every rider has the ability to have the perfect fit.

Specialized SWAT is an exciting category for most Mountain Bike riders as they provide a simple, elegant solution for tool storage on the bike. This is a growing category as most riders strive to get their tools off their body and onto the bike, and Specialized leads the way. If you need a simple on bike solution for your multi tool, look no further than the Specialized Swat Tool.


Founded in 1974, Specialized has turned into a powerhouse in the cycling industry. Specialized is not only dedicated to making the worlds best bikes, they are committed to innovating every category of cycling. From bikes to waterproof jackets and everything in between, Specialized products offer high performance and a well thought out approach to cycling solutions.

Throughout the years Specialized has experimented and struck gold on many product designs, but nothing was as dominant as their FSR suspension design that powered them to world championships and market dominance in the 2000s. Fast forward to modern day, and Specialized has refined their product to stay at the top of the industry. Never a company to stray away from a tough (or impossible) project, Specialized has released many industry leading designs over the past several seasons including their newest line of e-bikes, Specialized Turbo.

Specialized Turbo electric bikes are some, if not, the highest rates eBikes in the world. Much like when Specialized took the industry by storm with FSR, they have done it again with Turbo. Specialized eBikes are sure to be a large part of their future will continue to enhance cyclists experience for many years to come.

Over the past 45 years, Specialized has had a wild, remarkable journey. No cycling brand in the world is more recognizable than Specialized, and few brands have done as much for our sport as Specialized. Northwest Bicycle is a proud partner of Specialized and offers their complete line of products. Please contact our staff if you have any questions regarding Specialized products.