Rocky Mountain Overtimepack for the PowerPlay lineup

Today we take a look at the new Overtimepack from Rocky Mountain Bicycles. The Overtimepack is a bolt-on accessory that will add an additional 330 watts of battery capacity to nearly every Rocky Mountain Powerplay. 

The Overtimepack adds an additional 330 Wh to your Rocky Mountain Powerplay. It is mounted to the two water bottle cage bolts for each install/removal and plugs right into the charge port. For 2020 Powerplay models, the Overtimepack pushes the total battery capacity to over 1000 Wh. For 2019 and older bikes, this pack puts you at a comfortable 962 Wh capacity.

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Overtimepack Battery Size & Operation

Once you plug the Overtimepack into your Rocky Mountain Powerplay, it will use the Overtimepack charge first before utilizing any of the bikes built-in battery pack. When installed, you can use your standard Powerplay charger or purchase a second charger to charge both batteries in parallel. Rocky Mountain also notes that you can “Jerry can” fill your standard battery off the Overtimepack, noting it would take 2.5 Overtimepacks to fill a 672 Wh Powerplay battery.

Your iWoc remote will show a full charge (white light) while operating with the Overtimepack, once you use all 330 Wh of the pack your normal battery levels will show through your iWoc.

Rattling accessories are the worst, which is why Rocky Mountain has a solid “Anti-rattle rigid attachment”.

The weight of the Overtimepack comes in at 1975 grams.

Can you ride this pack in wet conditions? Absolutely, this pack is designed to be ridden in all wet & muddy conditions.

Pricing comes in at $649 and can be purchased through our website here.



Please refer to the below chart which will indicate if your powerplay is compatible with the Overtimepack. Please note, this chart is based off OEM Spec, any shock changes would not apply to this chart. The only model that is not compatible with OEM spec is Instinct BC Powerplay (all models). 


Experiencing issues with your Powerplay? View the Trouble Shooting/Service Manual Guide Here. View the Owners Manual Here.