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Absolute Black Chainrings

Absolute Black chainrings are some of the highest quality, elegantly designed bike chainrings on the market. Their largest selling rings are their oval chain rings which offer riders unique advantages over traditional style chain rings.

Oval chainrings made by Absolute black have a patent pending oval shape while also providing superior weight to strength ratio of competitors oval chain rings. It is the small details that often set apart superior products, and Absolute Black really hits those details out of the park. Absolute Black oval chainrings feature 3D teeth machining which help with mud relief as well as significantly decrease mud and noise. Each Absolute Black chainring is optimized with narrow wide teeth profile to improve chain retention on 1X bike drivetrain systems. Absolute Black oval chainrings will improve your overall traction and provide less stress on the riders knees.

Absolute Black direct mount rings offer advantages over a spider style chain ring system. Most notably, Absolute black offers their chainrings in smaller sizes that you otherwise could not mount on a standard spider design. This allows riders to run as low as a 26 tooth chainring on a direct mount setup.

Chainrings from Absolute Black are offered in many configuration and colors to suite just about any riders needs. They most commonly use the SRAM direct mount platform for their rings which cover a wide array of riders on the trail. Northwest Bicycle offers the complete line of Absolute Black chainrings, if you have any questions regarding fitment please contact a member of our team.

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