The Rocky Mountain Slayer is one of the most iconic mountain bikes of the last 20 years. With an appetite for big hits and gnarly terrain, the Slayer is an easy choice for those who want to hit it all. Over the years, the Slayer has taken many forms but has always maintained is burly big mountain attitude. Currently, the Slayer rolls with 170mm of travel and is dual crown compatible. Looking to go big? Your search ends here.

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Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Bikes has a rich history in the sport of Mountain Biking. While many know them for their current offerings, they were one of the very first mountain bike brands in our industry. Founded in 1981, Rocky Mountain has grown from the small north shore brand to offering bikes across the globe. While their footprint has grown, they still operate in many of the same ways that they did in the early 80’s.

Rocky Mountain Employees are avid riders and have a burning passion to make the best bikes in the world. Over the years they have enjoyed many achievements including world cup wins and helping Wade Simmons win the very first Red Bull Rampage. Rocky Mountain riders in the late 90’s are largely responsible for pioneering Freeride Mountain Biking, a segment that has created more than a few highlight reels throughout the years.

Today, Rocky Mountain continues to build on their legacy. Their race teams show consistent success which helps push the innovation and development in their bikes. This is a true Northwest brand and one that we are proud to offer our customers. When you are in the market for your next mountain bike, be sure to give Rocky Mountain a look.