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Tannus Armour tire inserts

Tannus Armour is one of the very best solutions to protecting your bike tubes. This is a new product that is a foam insert to your tire that provides a protection layer between your tire and tube. The idea might seem simple, but with the emergence of bike wheel foam inserts over the last few years it is impressive what Tannus as done.

The very most common question we get is, does Tannus Armour work? In short, YES it work. And pretty darn well at that. Depending on your location and the terrain you generally ride in, Tannus Armour inserts can be a fantastic solution to minimizing flats as well as improving performance.

While many tire insert brands are focused on acting as another suspension component and improving the structural integrity of a tubeless tire, Tannus Armour is designed to work WITH or without a regular bike innertube. This is different than many other inserts on the market that are specifically designed to be used with a tubeless tire setup. Install is pretty simple with these Inserts as Tannus Armour inserts are far less cumbersome than their competitors on the market.

Tannus Armour with a tube

Using Tannus Armour with a tube is a simple solution to an age old problem. The Tannus Armour insert acts a barrier between our tube and the tire. If you get small punctures including debris from the road or trail, the Armour is designed to take the puncture and provide a safety barrier for your tube. It is important to note that you will need to downsize your tube with the use of Tannus Armour as their will be less volume inside your tire that the tube needs to fill.

Tannus Armour inserts have so many benefits including increased grip, comfort, and the ability to ride on them if you do indeed get a flat (up to 10km/h). Armour inserts are offered for almost every tire size from 700C all the way through 26” fat bikes.

Tannus Armour with a tubeless tire

Running Tannus Armour on a tubeless tire is a an easy install and will provide enhanced ride characteristics on the trail. While the benefit of saving your tube is not there, the Armour insert still provides a barrier for the rim as well as improving the overall ride quality of your tires. Think of the Armour as an aid in improving sidewall stability as well as another level of suspension to soak up small bumps. If you are looking to save your rim from flat spots, this will be your savior!

Whether you decide to run Tannus Armour with a tube or tubeless, we believe it is a great improvement for any rider. Tannus Armour inserts are growing very quickly in popularity and we are proud to offer this innovative product. If you have any questions regarding install, fitment, or performance of Tannus inserts please contact a member of our team.

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