Rocky Mountain Reaper - The Ultimate Kids Bike

The Rocky Mountain Reaper lineup might just be the best thing this small North Shore brand has developed yet. The Reaper lineup is a purpose built youth bike that offers more than a few advantages to both groms and parents. The reaper 24 and 26 sport an identical frame with interchangeable wheel sizes, while the reaper 27.5 is the next step up offering youth riders a proper bike for their size. From laps at your local mountain bike park to playing in the big leagues at Whistler, Rocky Mountain hit a home run with the Reaper.

Interchangeable Wheel Sizes

As they grow, Reaper grows. The Reaper 24 and Reaper 26 share the same frame, so once your grom is a little big for the Reaper 24, simply pickup a 26” wheel set and you are back in business. This is a fantastic option and the perfect sized bike for a youth rider who is not quite ready for an adult XS. We have found that most riders ride the Reaper as a 24” for 1.5 – 2 years and the 26” wheel set for an additional year.

Alternatively, if you are after the Rocky Mountain Reaper with a better spec to start, you can go with the Reaper 26 and downsize the wheel set when you start. This does take a little bit of work as 24” wheel sets are not as readily available, but we often build customers these wheels using 24” rims and custom cut spokes. Save those stock spokes and rims for when you are ready to upsize back to a Reaper 26 in a couple of years.

While the Reaper 27.5 does not share the same frame as the smaller Reapers, it does feature a youth specific 27.5 wheeled frame. A low standover height, shorter reach, and suspension kinematics designed for lighter riders make the Reaper 27.5 an attractive choice.

Adjustable, proper geometry

The Rocky Mountain Reaper has proper geometry, whether you grom is a racer or just needs some suspension at the local bike part. Rocky Mountain integrates their Ride-9 geometry into the reaper which allows for 9 different geometry position which adjust the bikes head tube angle. Combing the Reapers Ride-9 with the interchangeable wheels leave you with one of the most versatile youth bikes available.

Built for youth

Whether it is the Reaper 24, 26, or 27.5, they are all designed with youth riders in mind. Both geometry and suspension kinematics are properly tuned for lighter riders. The adjustable air sprung suspension can be dialed in for riders for all sizes. Standover height is kept low on the reaper to ensure kids have the confidence needed to mount (and dismount) comfortably. While the Reaper 26 comes stock with a dropper post, the Reaper 24 has the cable port to run an internally routed 100mm dropper post like its bigger brother.

North Shore Spec

One thing that Rocky Mountain seems to know better than anyone else is product spec and what real riders need. While price is always an important aspect for each bike (especially $2000+ kids bikes), Rocky Mountain does a great job with overall spec and ensuring that performance in maintained throughout the line. The Rocky Mountain Reaper is no different as Rocky Mountain has put together a fantastic group kit catered to youth riders and keeping the price point’s inline with competitors.

With the sport of Mountain Biking exploding over the past few seasons, a need for capable full suspension youth bikes is at an all time high. After all, you want to be able to ride those same trains with you grom as your buddies, right? Rocky Mountain knows this more than anymore and has made an absolute ripper of a kids bike.

About Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Bikes has a rich history in the sport of Mountain Biking. While many know them for their current offerings, they were one of the very first mountain bike brands in our industry. Founded in 1981, Rocky Mountain has grown from the small north shore brand to offering bikes across the globe. While their footprint has grown, they still operate in many of the same ways that they did in the early 80’s.

Rocky Mountain Employees are avid riders and have a burning passion to make the best bikes in the world. Over the years they have enjoyed many achievements including world cup wins and helping Wade Simmons win the very first Red Bull Rampage. Rocky Mountain riders in the late 90’s are largely responsible for pioneering Freeride Mountain Biking, a segment that has created more than a few highlight reels throughout the years.

Today, Rocky Mountain continues to build on their legacy. Their race teams show consistent success which helps push the innovation and development in their bikes. This is a true Northwest brand and one that we are proud to offer our customers. When you are in the market for your next mountain bike, be sure to give Rocky Mountain a look.

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