The Ultimate Guide To The Specialized Riprock Coaster

Specialized has long been known for producing some of the best kids bikes in the world. The Riprock, has been a staple of the product line for many years, continues to be one of our top selling bikes of the year. The Specialized Riprock line is quite extensive and includes plenty of options for young riders. Whether it be wheel size or width, color, or frame size the riprock line has something for your young riders.

Our bread and butter is the Riprock coaster line, which we will focus primarily on in this overview. The Riprock coaster is offered all the way down to a 12” wheel size, suitable for riders starting around 3 years old. As the name suggests, this bike is equipped with a steel coaster brake (brakes when the rider back pedals) that is and easy, safe way to stop for new riders. The 12” Riprock has 2.3” width tires which provide a stable, fun ride over all types of terrain. All Riprock Coaster 12” bikes include training wheels with the bike.

The 12” Riprock coaster has a lightweight aluminum frame that is build to withstand the abuse of kids. The geometry is perfect for younger riders featuring a low standover height for your rider to start early and grow with the bike. Specialized offers the Riprock is several different colors include blue, red, and pink.

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The 16” Specialized Riprock coaster is our go to for riders ranging from 4-6 years old. Many of the same features are maintained from the 12” riprock including 2.3” width tires and a steel coaster brake to help the learning process. The 16” Riprock coaster also includes training wheels and is available in six different colors. While Specialized lists this bike as age ranges from 5-6, our customers who wish to get two years out of the bike have started as early as age 4.

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The Specialized Riprock coaster line tops out at the 20” wheel size. It is at this size that the bike no longer comes with training wheels, and like all of the other models, is a single speed setup. The Riprock 20” coaster is a great bike to graduate to after ditching those training wheels as it is simplified for beginners with the coaster brake and single speed drivetrain. While not all kids are ready for gears at this size, it is a perfect bike for recreational and light off-road riding.

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The biggest hurdle when shopping for a kids bike is often finding the proper size. Please use the chart below to help size your child to their next Riprock. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff if you have any questions regarding the Specialized Riprock kids bike.